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Hybrid Lighting:

Illuminating public spaces using Nature’s power

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Natural reassurance:

It doesn’t cost the earth – complete self-sufficiency

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Street lights are a major consumer of electricity and in these difficult economic times we see more and more lights being turned off at night. Whilst this does save energy and reduce light pollution it can also present safety and security concerns.

A simple solution to this challenge is to use energy efficient LEDs instead of conventional sodium lamps. As a simple conversion, this in itself can save thousands of pounds per year. But, if you develop this idea further, we can install street lighting systems that do not use mains electricity at all. The street light becomes totally self sufficient by using a combination of solar panels and a small vertical axis wind turbine with LED lights. Not only does this eliminate the use of mains electricity, it also saves a great deal of money by eliminating the cabling and associated switch gear.

The street lights become totally self-sufficient and can be activated by light sensors so that they only come on when required. The LED lenses allow you to focus light only where it is required and thus also reduce light pollution.

The wind turbine will also allow the battery to be charged at night when there is no sun. The system is designed to run for five days with no wind or sun…

…which in the UK, you have to admit is highly unlikely!

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