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05/01/15 - Energy Statistics 2015

The statistics page has completed the year of 2014 and will now focus on the year of 2015.

03/06/14 - Statistics now to focus on the month of June.

Our statistics page containing infographs displaying the UK energy consumption of renewable resources has now reached the month of June - with further updates to come for each day.

22/05/14 - New pages added to Vawtech site

We've now included two new sections accessible from the menu.

Energy Statistics allows you to browse through infographs for each day of the year - which display the total amount of electricity generated in the UK and the percentage of energy sources.

We also just added a Planned Power Cuts section - displaying a list of upcoming power outages for certain regions in the North West in relation to essential maintenance.

16/05/14 - Britain to run out of oil, coal and gas in just over five years

Shortages in Britain will increase dependency on fuel from Norway, Qatar and Russia. A shift towards wind, tidal solar and other renewable power is vital.

Read here for more info...

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